Welcome to Central Computing Facility (CCF)



Asst Prof. Sandeep Kodoli (CCF Incharge)


The Central Computing Facility (CCF) forms an important component of the Institute's infrastructure, providing  a wide spectrum of services to the students as well as faculty and staff involved in research and other academic Activities. The CCF provides the support for them to have a hands-on feel of what they learn in the classrooms and Enhance their computer skills. The CCF also supports research activities undertaken in the Institute.

                             It consists of approximately 80 computers having the very latest configuration. All system are networked and users  can access resources available on the network, barring security restrictions. Students also learn how to harness the capabilities of a network and Digital resources.


Major services offered

  • Competitive exams such as IBPS,SBI
  • Entrance Exams such as GATE,CMAT,JEE
  • Workshops organized
  1. “Steps to research “ Organized by IIT in association  with Amal Jyoti College
  2. “Computer programming” Organized  IIT Bombay
  3. “Green building awareness” organized by CIVIL Dept Warnanagar
  4. Spoken Tutorial Project by IIT Bombay
  5. Virtual Lab project by IIT Bombay


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