Faculty awarded Ph.D. in Applied Science

The areas in which the Faculty members have acquired Ph.D. degree 


Name Titile/Area of Ph.D Work Supervisor and University No. Of Papers Published Year of Completion
Dr. D. N. Mane Lattice Theory

Dr. (Mrs) Y. S. Pawar,

Dept. of Mathmatics,

Shivaji University Kolhapur

02 2002
Dr. (Mrs) V. D. Patil Studies on Microbial Fuel Cell using organic wastes


Dept. of Chemestry,

Shivaji university, Kolhapur

05 2012
Dr. A. V. Patil Study of Seismo Electromagnetic Emissions And Associated Ionospheric Perturbations

Dr. A. K. Sharma,

Dept. of  Physics,

Shivaji University Kolhapur

06 2010
Dr. S. S. Desai An Axiomatic Choice Theory:
A fuzzy Approach

Dr. S. R. Chaudhari,

Dept. of Mathmatics,

North Maharashtra University,

12 2012
Dr. Marku Monis Applied Linguistics (Prgmatics)

Dr. M. V. Rodriguez,

Dept. of English Language,

Shivaji University Kolhapur

13 2014