ABOUT DEPARTMENT 


Welcome to the Department of Basic Sciences  and Humanities


Dr. D. N. Mane

HOD, Basic Sciences, and Humanities 


Chief Coordinator of First-Year Engineering


The Department of Humanities and Science was formed in  1990.  Dr.  S.  S.  Joshi was the first  Head of the Humanities and   Sciences department.   This department provides breadth of knowledge in pure and basic sciences like Physics,    Chemistry,    Mathematics, and    English with engineering practices.      Humanities and      Sciences subjects are the foundation subject for all disciplines such as     Mechanical,     Chemical,     Civil, Electronics, and  Computer  Science  &  Engineering for Engineering and Technology.

The vision of the department is to enhance the scientific temperament of the students through the knowledge of core courses of the Basic  Sciences & Humanities.


The mission of the Department of Humanities and Sciences  -

  •    To impart quality education in Basic Sciences and Humanities
  •    To provide hands-on training to solve real-life problems
  •    To acquaint students with effective communication skills 
  •    To inculcate ethical and moral values amongst  the students 


The department offers an excellent academic environment with a team of highly qualified faculty members to provide the needs of the students and to motivate them to develop their technical skills.






Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs):


Department of Humanities and Sciences will enable its graduates to:


1. Capable to examine problems by applying and obtaining knowledge and understanding of laws,

     theories, and principles of sciences and mathematic.


2. Able to identify problems, design an experiment, process, and interpret the experimental data, and critically analyze and define the conclusion.


3. Be proficient to use the fundamental techniques, Basic skills, Science, and modern engineering tools for engineering practice.


4. Pursue and succeed in furthering their education as they continue the process of life-long learning.