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             Training center serves as a link between Engineering graduates and industry. It organizes seminars, Technical Workshops, Personality Development Programs and other Training Programs.

                       A step by step training methodology is adopted to develop their aptitude skills, reasoning skills, communication skills, leadership qualities, interpersonal skills, technical skills and finally the interview tackling skills.

       Center organises Vocational Field Training to T.E. (Civil) students at reputed Companies for minimum three weeks.


The benefits to Students are:

  • Holistic Personality Development.
  • A Competitive Edge during job search.
  • Increasing Productivity in Professional Roles.
  • Being "Trained & Certified" by best organizations.
  • "Career planning" and "career mapping" 





  • Training activities 2019 - 2020 :


Sr. No. Training Program Duration Benificiary students Class
1 Three days students technical enhancement programme on Total station, DGPS and Digital autolevel 3 Days TE, BE
2 Three Weeks Students Software Skill Enhancement Program, STAAD PRO and ETABS” by Er. Hitesh Lahoti 3 Weeks BE
3 Barclays Training Programme in association with NASSCOM 2 Days BE
4 Field Training of BE students 3 Weeks BE
5 Eleations training Programme 3 Weeks TE
6 Industrial visit and Training of water treatment plant and RMC plant 1 Day TE
7 Civil Structures 3 Weeks SE to BE
8 ABC Swabhiman Test 1 Day SE to BE
9 Intellectual Property Rights 2 Day SE to BE
10 Hiremee Employability Assessements 1 Week TE to BE
11 MaTPO TCS, Wipro, Infosys & Career Diagnostic Test 1 Week TE
12 NPTEL Special Lecture series 4 Weeks SE to BE
13 MaTPO- student development webinar 1 Day SE to BE
14 How to crack technical aptitude and interview 2 Days SE to BE






  • Training activities 2018 - 2019 :


 List of Training programs 2018-2019




  • Training activities 2017 - 2018 :



 List of Training programs 2017-2018


  • Training activities 2016 - 2017 :


 List of Training programs 2016-2017





  • Training activities 2015 - 2016 :


 List of Training programs 2015-2016




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