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Biotechnology Innovators and Technocrats Society

BITS is a Biotechnology Innovators and Technocrat’s Society. This is a forum of students studying in the Biotechnology Department of TKIET, Warananagar.

This was founded by the Biotechnology students in the year 2005-06. All the students from S.E. to B.E. formed an integral part of this society and were considered as the executive member. The society consists of a Core committees comprising of four members, President, Vice-President, Treasurer and General Secretary. These look after the various activities arranged by the Department. For the Year 2005-2006, the very first core committee included Mr. Shrikant Ijmulwar as a President, Mr. Amar Vivek as Vice President, Mr.Purskar Ingale as Treasurer & Ms. Saranga Sharma as the General Secretary For the Year 2006-2007, core committee included Mr. Siddharth Shah as a President, Mr. Sammed Mandape as Vice President, Mr. Amit Patil as Treasurer & Ms. Amruta Sorte as the General Secretary. The year 2007-08 had Ms. Flavia Saldanha as the President, Mayuresh Amrale as a Vice President, Shrivardhan Patil as the Treasurer & Puraskar Ingale as the General Secretary. This year the core committee was led by Mayuresh Amrale who is the President, Nitish Galande as the Vice President, Sunil Karande as the Treasurer & Shrivardhan Patil as the general secretary.

All this years, The Core Committee & the help of the members have always been actively associated in arranging guest lectures and various intercollegiate as well as intercollegiate events. In the year 2006-2007, ‘Pyramid’ was the first ever event organized.

In the year 2007-2008, ‘Ad Bonanza’ along with pyramid had managed to create in the college level competitions. ‘Halla Bol’ a very unique event that explored the social skills and presentation of students is till date rated as the most successful event in the history of TKIET.

In the year 2009-2010 ‘AAVAHANA’09…Call For Entrepreneurs’ has organized successfully by BITS committee. The Core committee of BITS for academic Year 2010-2011 include:Mr. S.S. Patil as BITS Coordinator,Mr. Mayuraj Gaikwad as President , Mr. Gajanan Verulakar as Secretary Ms. Pooja Kadam as Joint Secretary, Mr. Uday Sutar as Treasurer. In this Year the BITS have organized very new Intercollegiate event ‘JUNK YARD WAR’ with concept of Best From Waste and got huge response..

BITS will continue to keep up good work & achieve the new milestones………………