Organization Structure


Principal : Dr. Sunil V. Anekar M.Tech. Ph.D

Registrar : Mr. D. S. Thombare.


Deans Head of Departments


- Dr. K I Patil


–  Dr. P V Mulik.

Research and Development  

-Dr. M S Duttaragaon


-  Prof. S.T.Patil.

Student Affairs

Dr. G V Patil


 Dr. D.M.Patil.

Planning and Development 

-Dr. D M Patil

Electronics and Telecommunication 

- Prof. C.P.Shinde.

Control of Examinations  

-Prof. M B Kulkarni

Computer Science and Engineering  

-Dr. G.V. Patil.


Applied Science(First Year Engg.)

- Dr.D.N.Mane.



Library - Dr. A. T. Lad.

GymkhanaMr. B. I. Kurane.

System and Network Support Mr. N. B. Jadhav.

Office Mr. Vilas. Jadhav.


Cell In-charges

Training and Placement Prof. P. J. Patil

Career Development Cell Prof. S. V. Lingaraju.

Industry Interaction Cell Prof. A. R. Chougule

Alumni Prof. B. R. Bagane.





Language Lab  Dr. Mark Monis.

Hostel Mr. D. S. Thombare.

Sports Mr. B. I. Kurane.

Canteen Mr. D. S. Thombare.